Founded in 1984, Rhône Gestion SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva, specialising in wealth management and asset management.

The story of Rhône Gestion was born with the meeting of two men, Arturo Fasana and Marcel Hagger, both passionate about finance and sensitive to the same human qualities. With their sons, they created a family structure, inspired by profound common values, that offers its clients a service based on experience, transparency, rigour and performance.

The investment philosophy of Rhône Gestion is based on a long experience stamped by tradition and solicitous of establishing a relationship of trust with its clients. They are thus oriented towards medium or long term and low volatility investments, while at the same time benefitting from cutting edge expertise and a technical sophistication in the finance and taxation sector.

The personalisation of the relationship that Rhône Gestion establishes with its clients is also a key to its success. Rhône Gestion truly places the client’s interests in the foreground. The investments proposed are tailored to the profile of the client, who benefits upstream from a clear analysis he or she needs to make a sound decision. An exhaustive understanding of the products offered, combined with an offer of premier investments are integral components of the service it offers its clients. This commitment to transparency and rigour comes from a constant concern for absolute independence in the choice of investments.

With a truly intergenerational partnership in which tradition and modernity meet, Rhône Gestion has built a loyal, demanding clientele seeking stability and performance.