The investment philosophy of Rhône Gestion is based on the solid foundations of a traditional medium and long-term-approach and on safe values.

Rhône Gestion thus favours stable products. Highly speculative investments remain the exception, and enter into the makeup of the client’s portfolio only upon request.

Since its founding by Arturo Fasana and Marcel Hagger in 1984, Rhône Gestion has always favoured promoting products over which it has perfect command and in which it believes. In its approach, it combines expertise and conviction, but also clarity and transparency. For each investment step, Rhône Gestion guides the decisions of its clients by providing them a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of their project upstream.

At Rhône Gestion, tradition and modernity blend together. Its investment philosophy has been passed from generation to generation, whilst evolving with the times. Looking to the future, Rhône Gestion has developed advanced skills not only in the financial sector, but also in tax matters.

Thanks to its approach, Rhône Gestion continues its 30 years of trust and loyalty with its clientele, and owes its success to an impeccable code of conduct. Its investment philosophy is, in fact, the reflection of a vision dear to its founders and its leaders today: that of a family business, whose decision-makers treat both private and professional relationships with the same principles: respect and honesty for their friends and family, their company and their clients.