Simply serious, seriously simple

Sustaining wealth

What can you expect from Rhône Gestion? Nearly 40 years of family expertise, sound medium and long-term investments, a clear and easy-to-understand portfolio, competitive pricing, strong relationships and around-the-clock service.

Wealth Management

Rhône Gestion’s traditional approach is grounded in how the real economy works, without structured products, derivative instruments or synthetic securities...

Family Office

Families understand one another. And so it goes for our client families, who have placed their trust in us for a long time...

Estate Planning

From the start, Rhône Gestion has been dedicated not just to preserving wealth but to helping our clients pass it down to the next generation...

Closing in on 40 years of expertise

The results speak for themselves: stable rather than sporadically spectacular performance over time and financial products that put clients first. These are the ways we’ve gained and sustained the trust our customers. And why we will always prefer confirmation over affirmation.

Switzerland and the world

From day one – and the moment when founders Marcel Hagger and Arturo Fasana began servicing Spanish and South American clients – Rhône Gestion has worked in and drawn individuals, families and financial professionals from Switzerland and internationally.

A lasting ethos

At the end of the day, Rhône Gestion owes its success to an unshakable belief that we will only do finance our clients will understand. Even today, our philosophy is rooted in the vision of our founders: a family firm where we build all our relationships the same way – with respect and honesty for those around us, for society and for our clients.